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Fall Break
September 11th - October 5th 

Have a happy and safe break.
See you back at school on Monday, October 6th. 

School Mission

The mission of The Academy for Teaching and Learning is to establish a collaborative learning community in which individual children are known, respected, and accepted, and where every decision made is based on an intimate knowledge of what each child needs in order to become a successful and productive grown-up.

School Oath

Today is a new day to put our heads together and dream the same dream.
I will do my best to be the best.
I will make choices that help me succeed.
I am the person in charge of the choices I make.
I choose to learn.  I can learn.  I will learn.
Today will be a great day to put our heads together and dream the same dream.

Events at The Academy...
  • September 11th - October 5th - Fall Break
  • October 6th - School resumes...Begin 2nd quarter


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